Selling an Expired Listing

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Hello Homeowner!


As I can expect, you are reading this because your home was previously up for sale and unfortunately expired without successfully finding a buyer this last fall, so you're most likely feeling like it's fallen into the bin of forgotten homes this winter. That's the last thing you should be feeling as you are trying to sell your home and take that next adventure in life. Whether it be upgrading from your starter home to downsizing because the chicks have flown the coop, or maybe you just realized that huge chunk of equity you were sitting on was ready to capitalize on. Losing that optimism you first had when selling is the last thing any seller should be feeling when you already have so much on your plate.  Thankfully you have taken a wise choice in considering me and my team to successfully market and sell your home, and I hope you realize the value I provide my clients when it comes time to sell. 

When I started my real estate career I made it a point to go above and beyond for my clients, and if you just ask any of them they will concur. What I've realized in my journey to become an expert in expired properties is that there are really only three things that can stop your house from selling, especially in this sellers market we are experiencing. Often, a home doesn’t sell because of the time of year, pricing, or the level of marketing your previous agent did. I never want to speak poorly of another agent, but they didn't sell your home so here we are. Your house sat on the market well past what it should, and that has cost you precious days on market. The longer it sits, the less interest you will have, so we have to re-ignite that fire if you want to get top dollar for your home. It's never too late!

What I propose is to allow me a meeting with you to exhibit my thoroughly creative marketing plan. Which will have a breakdown of everything I will do to make sure your home sells in today’s market.  I will have already taken the time prior to our meeting to review the details of your home and educate myself on how sales are doing in your particular neighborhood. With this I am convinced we will be able to sell your home together without any issues. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Please contact me anytime to set up an appointment. I would like to introduce myself in person and provide you with a fully detailed CMA report, as well as our marketing guide. We can discuss your needs and I look forward to helping you achieve the goals you had in mind when you first wanted to sell. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Thank you for reading,

Nicole Rinks

Century 21 Affiliated